New Jersey Insurance Group

New Jersey Insurance Group
Monroe Township, New Jersey

New Jersey Insurance Group has been a group of licensed Healthcare Insurance professional since 2000. We have been able to educate New York, New Jersey, and Florida residents on the reasons why they should or should not need certain types of medical insurance like Medicare Supplemental or Long Term-Care products.

As people get older and are living longer, the possibilities exist that they may become unable to function as well as they did when they were in their 30’s and 40’s. With the rise in the cost of living, doctors and hospitals are charging more and more each year. The most logical solution is to have insurance to overcome the inflated charges and help bring you back to where you were.

As Insurance Brokers, we have the ability to receive multiple quotations from many carriers to review with you in discovering the pros and cons of each illustration/quote for the proper coverage that you need going forward.

We look forward to providing a free assessment by assisting chamber members and their friends find the solution that will give them the security they need for the future.

Paul Onish
Managing Director